Procedure: Prepare a master image


A master image contains the operating system, non-virtualised applications, VDA and any other software. VMs are created from a master image.

A few important notes:

  • Cloud deployments use templates rather than master images
  • Remote PC Access machine catalogs do not use master images, instead an OU (Organisational Unit)  is used
  • Do not run Sysprep on the master image
  • Create the master images on the hypervisor host where the machines will be created


  1. Using your hypervisor management tool (In my case Hyper-V) create a virtual machine, install all the updates and service packs. Ensure you have selected an appropriate virtual hard disk size. Make sure the hard disk is at device location 0

    The below screenshot shows the virtual hard disk configuration, which is crucial for this step.


  2. Install and configure the following in the base image:
  3. Join the master image to the domain
  4. Create a snapshot for your master image and name it appropriately
  5. Create a machine catalog from the snapshot

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