Procedure: Add machines to a Machine Catalog


Using Citrix Studio

  1. Open Citrix Studio and navigate to Citrix Studio –> Machine Catalogs
  2. Right-click the machine catalogue and select Add Machines

  3. Select the number of machines you want to add and click Next

  4. You can create new accounts or use existing accounts

    If you are creating new accounts:

Select the locaiton for the accounts, and provide a naming convention, hashes # are used to provide dynamic names using either numbers or letters.


If you are using existing accounts:

Browse for the existing accounts or import the accounts from a CSV file and select the appropriate password management option. If using a CSV file, the column title must be ‘[ADComputerAccount]’. You need to include the square brackets, but not the quotes in the column heading. In both cases the computer accounts must be prestaged.

Once complete, click Next and then Finish.


Using PowerShell

The below commands are being run from the XenDesktop Controller with an account that has permissions to create computer accounts.

Add the PowerShell snap-in for Citrix

  1. Create a computer account in Active Directory for the new machine using New-AcctADAccount

  2. Create a Virtual Machine using New-ProvMachine

  3. Add the machine using New-BrokerMachine


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