My Windows (9) Threshold Wish list

I see people are starting to compile their Windows 9 “Threshold” whish lists, well here is mine:

Management Features

  • Boot to VM – Forget boot to VHD, I want to be able to configure a computer to boot to a Virtual Machine. There would also have to be some way to pick between installed VMs
  • Dual App Assigned Access – The ability to boot to two separate apps in Assigned Access, and choose which display the app will appear on

User Interface Features

  • Snap apps vertically – It would be great to snap some apps above or below other apps. Xbox Music and Twitter are great examples, to be able to run two apps above and below each other on the side of one large app would be great, and would reduce wasted screen real estate
  • Metro desktop icons and theme integration – The Start Screen themes apply to the Desktop Taskbar and Desktop Wallpaper

More to come!

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