70-247 Series: Part 12

Upgrading Service Manager

The following System Center Service Manager products can be upgraded to System Center 2012:

  • System Center Service Manager 2010 SP1 CU3
  • System Center 2012 - Service Manager RC (Please note: Not supported in a production environment)

It is recommended to begin by testing the upgrade in a lab environment using a copy of the production databases.

In an upgrade of Service Manager, the installation location will remain the same. That is, Service Manager 2012 will use the 2010 installation location.

Upgrade Order

  1. Backup the databases and management packs
  2. Upgrade the Data Warehouse Management Server (Note: Stop all data warehouse jobs)
  3. Upgrade the first Management Server
  4. Upgrade other Management Servers and consoles
  5. Restart data warehouse jobs
  6. Deploy new Self-Service Portal

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