70-247 Series: Part 9

Installing Orchestrator

In this blog post I will cover the steps required to install Orchestrator in a HA configuration. The following servers will be deployed:

  • ORCMGMT – Orchestrator Management Server
  • ORC1 – Runbook Server and Web Console Server
  • ORC2 – Runbook Server and Web Console Server

    The Web Console component can be load balanced, the Runbook server component does not require load-balancing.

    The steps I will complete to do this are:

    1. Create Orchestrator Database Instance (Already completed outside of this procedure, you can use an existing instance if you wish)
    2. Create Orchestrator Service Account
    3. Create Orchestrator Users Group
    4. Install Management Server
    5. Install prerequisites
    6. Run setup
    7. Install combined Runbook Server and Web Service
      1. Install prerequisites
      2. Install Runbook server
      3. Install Web console
    8. Repeat step 7 to install second Runbook Server and Web Service
    9. Verify Runbook Servers

    Alright, let’s get started.

    Create Service Account


    No permissions are required, the logon as a service right is assigned by the Orchestrator installation wizard.

    Create Orchestrator Users Group


    Install Orchestrator Management Server

    Install Pre-requisites

    The required prerequisites are:

  • .Net Framework 4.0
  • .Net Framework 3.5.1


    Run Setup

    This server will serve as a Management server.

    clip_image004 clip_image005 clip_image006

    See below, only the Management server is selected. The other roles will be installed on separate servers and the web service will be load balanced.







    The remaining steps displayed below do not require any important configuration steps so I have reduced the size of the screenshots.

    clip_image013 clip_image014 clip_image015
    clip_image016 clip_image017  

    Install First Orchestrator Runbook Server and Web Service Server

    Install Prerequisites

    The required prerequisites are:

  • .Net Framework 4.0
  • .Net Framework 3.5.1 and IIS


    Install Runbook Server


    clip_image005[1] clip_image006[1] clip_image008[1]




    All future components added will use the existing database.



    clip_image014[1] clip_image015[1] clip_image016[1]
    clip_image021 clip_image022  

    Install Web Service Server


    clip_image005[2] clip_image006[2] clip_image008[2]






    clip_image013[1] clip_image014[2] clip_image016[2]
    clip_image024 clip_image025  

    Install Second Runbook Server and Web Service Server

    The process for installing the second server is identical to installing the first server.

    Verify Runbook Servers

    Once all the Runbook servers are installed, it's a good idea to verify them in the Runbook Designer. You can install the Runbook Designer on any Server or Client. In this instance, I have installed it on the Management Server and I will also install it on a client.


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