70-247 Series: Part 5

 Design and Deploy System Center (19%) Continued…. Service Manager System Center Service Manager provides a platform for automating an organisations IT service management best practices. Service Manager is designed to adhere to Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Service Manager provides built-in processes for incident and problem resolution, change control and asset lifecycle. Service Manager is made up of the following components:
  • Service Manager Management Server - Contains the main software part of a Service Manager installation. You can use the Service Manager management server to manage incidents, changes, users, and tasks.
  • Data Warehouse Management Server - The computer that hosts the server piece of the data warehouse.
  • Service Manager Database - The database that contains Service Manager configuration items (CI) from the IT Enterprise; work items, such as incidents, change requests, and the configuration for the product itself. This is the Service Manager implementation of a Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
  • Data Warehouse Databases - Databases that provide long-term storage of the business data that Service Manager generates. These databases are also used for reporting.
  • Self-Service Portal - Web Content Server - Content for the web-based interface, provided via a web service.
  • Self-Service Portal - SharePoint Web Parts - A web-based interface into Service Manager hosted in SharePoint using a Silverlight container
  • Service Manager Console - The user interface (UI) piece that is used by both the help desk analyst and the help desk administrator to perform Service Manager functions, such as incidents, changes, and tasks. This part is installed automatically when you deploy a Service Manager management server. In addition, you can manually install the Service Manager console as a stand-alone part on a computer.
All computers running Service Manager components must be domain-joined. The Service Manager Sizing Helper tool (SM_job_aids.zip) can provide assistance in designing your deployment. Below are two examples from the Sizing Helper tool: Minimum Supported clip_image001 Advanced clip_image002
That's it for our introduction to Service Manager, next up we will install App Controller.

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