70-247 Series: Part 3

Design and Deploy System Center (19%) Continued….

Operations Manager Operations Manager is made up of the following components:
  • Management Server
  • Operational Database
  • Data Warehouse Database
Management Server At least two management server should be deployed in any environment. This allows for high-availability and load-balancing. All servers should be a member of the "All Management Servers Resource Pool" which balances the load of management and as new servers are added monitoring tasks are automatically distributed.  Operational Database and Data Warehouse Database Host the Operational Database and Data Warehouse database on a SQL Server Cluster. To allow the SQL Server instances to run in an active-active configuration, consider running the Operational Database and Data Warehouse database on separate clustered instances of SQL Server or separate clusters. The databases should be backed up regularly.  That’s just an introduction, I have a detailed installation blog post coming up!  In the next post we will take a look at Orchestrator.

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