Citrix Printing Series - Managing Printer Drivers

Drivers are required for all print devices. In large organisations managing print drivers can be a time consuming task. Citrix provides a few technologies to improve the printer management experience.

Automatic installation of printer drivers can be enabled to automatically install the native printer driver when a new printer is detected. Generally the automatic installation of printer drivers can cause inconsistencies in the environment so automatic installation should be disabled. RDS includes similar functionality and that should also be disabled.

It's generally a good idea to avoid Kernel-mode drivers (version 2) and use User-mode drivers instead. If a User-mode driver is not available, experiment with the Citrix Universal Driver to see if it will make a viable alternative.

Generally the client and printer driver names must match. In some cases, the driver names do not match but the driver does. Printer Driver Mapping can be used to correct name matching issues. Try using the Citrix Universal Printer Driver and if it does not work as intended, use printer driver mapping instead. Be sure to test the results.

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