PowerShell Version 3–Let’s Go!

Let’s make sure we are running version 3.0, by checking the $Host variable:


PowerShell starts up faster than ever, especially the ISE, it is sooo much faster when running Version 3.

The big changes in the ISE from version 2 to version 3 are:

  • IntelliSense – Very awesome!
  • Visualise the cmdlets in the right pane and either run them or insert them (Also available with Show-Command)
  • Snippets (more info below)



You can add a snippet using the New-ISESnippet cmdlet (shown below). You can get a list of the snippets using Get-ISESnippet. You can add a Snippet to your script using Crtl+J or by right-clicking in the Script Editor in the ISE.


As expected, the snippet persisted across ISE Sessions!

That’ll make script creation even faster Open-mouthed smile

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