System Centre 2012–Introduction to Operations Manager


Operations Manager is software that helps you monitor devices on a network. Operations Manager can manage a variety of devices using client-based monitoring or client-less monitoring. Operations Manager is made up of the following components:

  • Management Server – Provides a front-end to the database and communicates with agents
  • Operational Database – Short-term storage of management data
  • Data Warehouse Database – Long term storage of management data
  • Reporting Server – Builds and presents reports
  • Agents – A service that is installed on a computer the collects and analyses data

All components can be installed on a single server or the components can be on separate servers. Obviously, the single-server environment is designed for pre-production environments.

More than one Management Server can be installed and they will automatically load-balance. A specialised type of Management Server called a Gateway Server provides management of untrusted domains.

Management Packs are used to define what information is collected for a specific application or service. Agents determine which Management Packs are applicable to a computer immediately after being installed.

Next up, I will install Operations Manager.

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