OCZ Vertex2 SSD Install in Asus N51Vn Notebook

  1. Starting point, laptop flipped over and SSD unpacked


  2. Undo the two screws on the outer side of the HDD bay. Pull the cover up from the outer side using the using the provided recess


  3. Using the two black tabs on the hard drive caddy, pull the hard drive outer side to unplug it from the SATA and power connections, then pull the hard drive out.

  4. Remove the hard drive caddy from the bottom of the hard drive by removing the four screws on the bottom of the hard drive caddy.

  5. Place the new hard drive in the caddy and screw the caddy to the drive using the same four screws on the bottom of the drive

  6. Place the drive in the bay by lowering it into the outer side of the bay and then sliding it back to the inner side to connect the drive to the power and SATA connections

  7. Screw the cover back on the bay by screwing in the two screws on the outer side of the cover (Yes that is a Windows Vista key)

  8. Put the finishing touches on the case

Windows Experience Index BEFORE

hdd performance

Windows Experience Index AFTER

ssd performance

Boot Video (35 second boot)

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