Server Core DC Install

Create an answer file similar to this:

InstallDNS = Yes
ConfirmGC = Yes
CriticalReplicationOnly = No
RebootOnCompletion = No
ReplicaOrNewDomain = Domain
NewDomain = Forest
NewDomainDNSName = <DNS domain name>
DomainNetBIOSName = <NetBIOS name>
SiteName = <sitename> OR Default-First-Site-Name
SafeModeAdminPassword = <password>
UserDomain = <computername>
UserName = <username>
Password = <password>

Then run dcpromo.exe /unattend:<full path to answer file> on the server core

  • Passwords are removed from the unattend text file during the installation process
  • Use * as the password to use the current server password

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