Got a NAS

Storage has always been a problem for me at home. In my personal PC I have 3 x 320 GB HDDs and a 320GB USB backup drive. Even though I only backup critical data, the backup drive hasn't been doing the job lately. I decided a while back I would need a NAS not only for my growing backup requirements, but also for my study (WCS, Virtualisation, etc..). I really liked the look of the Netgear ReadyNAS, I configured one on the job not long ago and I was really impressed. That was until I saw the price! The Netgear ReadyNAS is waaay too overpriced... It's crazy. So I had a look around and eventually ended up picking the WD Sharespace. It had the right price point and the right amount of storage. Sure it's missing some of the more advanced features, but I don't need most of them.

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