Wednesday, 29 July 2009

DHCP on Server Core

To install DHCP on Windows Server 2008 Server Core complete the following:
  1. Install DHCP - at the command line type: start /w ocsetup DHCPServerCore
    Add /uninstall to remove the DHCP role
  2. Set DHCP Server service startup to automatic - at the command line type: sc config dhcpserver start= auto
    Note: Spacing around start and = must be exact...
  3. Start DHCP - at the command line type: net start dhcpserver
  4. Incorrect? Authorise DHCP - at the command line type: netsh dhcp add server <server name>
  5. You can then configure DHCP using netsh at the command line or use an MMC on another computer (preferred)
To install the required MMC snap-ins on Server 2008 R2, in Server Manager select Features, Add Features, browse to Remote Server Administration Tools and select the appropriate MMCs

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