The journey to MCSE

70-297 - The Windows 2003 Server Design exam is a very hard exam to prepare for. You are expected to know almost everything about the Windows 2003 infrastructure including DNS, DHCP, Domains, Forests, Trees, Routing, Remote Access, Migrations from NT4/2000 and more...

I've been studying almost non-stop for the last 2 months to prepare for this exam and I'm just getting comfortable with the concepts. One issue I have with this exam is the vagueness of the information. What is best practice, what isn't?

Migrations tend to be the most annoying part of the exam and they are the hardest part of 'real' IT. I've done two major migrations now and both of them were done with a pristine forest with no interim. As soon as there is an interim, things go wrong, that's why most IT pros avoid them.

I'll be sitting this exam in the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck!

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