Introduction to C#

  • C# is case sensitive
  • To compile programs manually, use csc.exe
  • Use csc.exe -help for detailed help on the C# compiler
  • The basic programming method is:
  • ○ Namespace.class.method();
  • All statements end with a semi-colon
  • Single-line comments are used preceded with two forward slashes //
The Main Method
  • The Main Method is what is executed when the program is run
  • The Main Method is often referred to as the "entry point"
  • A "static" modifier precedes the Main method. The static modifier is necessary for the Main method. It means the Main method works in this class only, rather than an instance of the class
  • Every Method must have a return type
  • Every Method must have a set of parentheses with zero or more parameters in the parentheses

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