How to remember Operations Master Roles

I'm not sure how many Gigabytes of storage my brain has, but there must be a few bad sectors because new information that I'm actually trying to remember just disappears in an instant.

To remember the Windows 2003 Server Operations Master Roles I use the following acronym. RIP SD, which is kinda cool given that SD television is gone within the next few years. The acronym is used like this:
  • RID Master - Hands out groups of SIDs to Domain Controllers
  • Infrastructure Master - Acts as the boss when stuff is renamed or moved
  • PDC Emulator - Emulates a Primary DC or something, it's for backwards compatibility

  • Schema Master - Tracks the schema for the entire forest
  • Domain Naming Master - Manages domain creation and deletion
Remembering which are forest-level and which are domain-level is really easy using common sense, just look at the Domain Naming Master - it must be a forest level server that's obvious.

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