Exam Day

Exam day is perhaps the most important day you will have while preparing for an exam. Sure you're going to fail if you don't prepare for your exam properly, but you've also got a good chance of failure if you don't prepare on the day.
My exam day preparation is:
  1. Have a reward for passing ready. I tend to use PlayStation games as a reward and don't play them during the last week before an exam. After I pass the exam, I play like mad.
  2. Have concise notes - I tend to make fairly detailed notes and then append important information I keep forgetting to the end of the section. It's an easy way to have concise and detailed notes all in one
  3. Get plenty of sleep - I have trouble sleeping the night before an exam so I always head to bed early to make sure I'm asleep at the usual time.
  4. Have a hearty breakfast - I always drop by Maccas and grab a "bacon and egg something" - works for me.
  5. Coffee and Water - I like a coffee to get me up in the morning and I drink plenty of water on the day to avoid dehydration. Just make sure to head to the toilet before the exam if you need to.
  6. Chewing Gum - This is a bit out there, but I find I concentrate better if I chew gum during the exam.

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