MCSE Exam 70-293

The 70-293 exam covers a wide range of topics. Think 70-291 with PKI and WINS and Group Policy thrown into the mix. So I wasn't surprised when the first few questions we're quite difficult. Not sure how much I can say, but this exam was very hands on, heaps of simulations and drag 'n' drop scenarios.

With only 30 minutes left on the clock, I passed with a score of 877/1000 or 87.7%. The exam wasn't very enjoyable. The biggest issue was the options for some of the 'drag n drop' questions didn't appear until I clicked on them, so it too a little longer to look through all the options and choose the correct response.

That's the second broken exam I've had, 70-291 was completely broken on one simulation. I have two more exams to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

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