Windows Vista @ Home

I'm now running Windows Vista on my home PC. So far the OS is performing really well. It runs all my applications from XP without a problem. The sidebar is a nice touch. By customising the location of my 'personal' folders, I can easily keep my data separate from my program files.

LOL! My screen just went blank while I was writing this. Luckily I remembered, it's because Vista is automatically updating all my drivers to the latest signed version while I work.

We now have an entirely Vista home, no Windows XP computers. Thanks XP, it was great working with you.

A few quick Vista tips:
  • Customise your start menu, just right-click the windows button and get customising. I added a run command, removed the default programs link, removed the games link, changed the personal folder from a button to a menu, and added the administrative tools menu
  • Customise your favourite links folder, you can add whatever you want. You might even want to add some programs you use often. Right-click the favorites links sidebar to start customising.

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