Exchange Server 2003 - Pre-exam 70-284 tips Volume 2

These tips were compiled prior to sitting the 70-284 exam. You may find them useful when preparing for the exam. They caught me off guard in a practice test and I had to look over my notes to find the answer...
  • When restoring a mailbox store, the following tasks must be completed:
  1. Select the option "This is the last backup in the backup set" or run eseutil /cc on the restored database files
  2. Delete the checkpoint file from the original location
  3. Delete the transaction log files from the original location
  • Before you can upgrade your server running Exchange 2000 Active Directory Connector (ADC) to Exchange Server 2003, you must first upgrade the Exchange 2000 Server version of ADC to Exchange Server 2003.
  • Access to Exchange resources is logged on domain controllers
  • You must be a member of the schema administrators group and the enterprise administrators group to run setup.exe /forestprep
  • The following components are required on Windows 2003 Server prior to installing Exchange 2003:
  1. SMTP
  2. NNTP
  3. ASP .NET
  4. WWW Publishing

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