Exchange Server 2003 - Pre-exam 70-284 tips Volume 3

  • To prevent the winmail.dat attachment from appearing on emails, disable support for rich-text formatting on the POP3 Virtual server
  • To allow a user to open all mailboxes in an administrative group, give the user the "Send as" and "Receive as" permissions on the Administrative Group
  • Outlook Web Access and Outlook are both able to send encrypted email messages
  • Have a good understanding of IP addressing and subnetting (once again). You're not going to be able to escape these sorts of questions
  • Mail retention refers to deleted items only, controlling when mail is purged has nothing to do with mailbox retention, it is configured through recipient policies
  • When adding a new SMTP addresses to users that is intended to be the primary address, the address must be set as the primary address on the E-mail addresses tab of the Active Directory object
  • MTA stacks are only used for backwards compatibility and X.400 connectors

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