Exchange Server 2003 - Pre-exam 70-284 tips Volume 1

These tips were compiled prior to sitting the 70-284 exam. You may find them useful when preparing for the exam. They caught me off guard in a practice test and I had to look over my notes to find the answer..
  • Full text indexing is set at the mailbox store level
  • Calendaring information is replicated with public folder replication NOT active directory replication
  • The site replication service is used ina mixed mode Exchange 5.5/2000/2003 environment to ensure configuration information is copied to all servers in the site
  • Use SMTP logging to monitor SMTP virtual servers that send and receive email to and from the Internet. Use counter logs to track all messages sent between routing groups by the MS Exchange MTA Stacks service
  • Know basic subnetting, how to perform a logical AND between the subnet and a known IP address to work out how many addresses are in each subnet
  • To esnure a copy of all undeliverable mail is received, configure the SMTP virtual server to send a copy of all non-delivery reports (NDRs) to a specific mailbox

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