Letting Go... (Part 3)

Allison is a great friend to Selby and I and she is great fun to work with.

Melinda represents everything that is great about growing up in the bush. Calm and intelligent. Melinda is someone I know I could rely on for anything.

Lloyd was my neighbour in the office. If I was homer, he was Flanders, mild mannered, always happy and very efficient. Lloyd was the target of many pranks and still maintained a sense of humor.

Matt is a casual guy that is easy to get along with. Sure he danced a bit too much and we didn't have a hell of alot in common but I think we got on fairly well in the end.

I recognised Tara was struggling when she first started at CTC and decided to offer some help. After many chats on the commute to and from work we became good friends. Don't let first impressions fool you, Tara is a strong individual.

Emma was a perfect fit for the job. We needed someone that learned fast and was willing to give anything a go. She's got a big job ahead of her.

Lesley was my hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Lesley was my resident ALPHA and BETA tester and a rock when I needed to off load my problems onto someone else. There has to be something mean I can say... nope... nothing, dammit!

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