Letting Go... (Part 2)

I've spent the last 4 years building the South Burnett CTC network from a mixed bag of bad and worse to a highly collaborative, reliable wide area network. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of those people that I worked with and respect at CTC. I need to thank and honour those people that influenced my time at CTC:

Initially Moira was my supervisor but she became much more than that. Moira is a mentor and a friend. Moira trained me become an IT person that actually listens to what the user needs and delivers the results.

Donald was the level headed conscience I needed to survive the early infrastructure at CTC. Donald was my comic relief, story teller, and ear.

Kirsten was the facilitator of my dreams at CTC. Kirsten is a visionary for CTC and has an amazing ability to recognize strengths in people and encourage personal growth.

Ros was a great supervisor and great fun to work with. Ros allowed me to experiment and grow; filling in the gaps I left as I learned. The time I spent working with Ros as a Youth Worker was heaps of fun.

To be continued...

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