Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Letting Go... (Part 1)

When I started this blog I decided I wouldn't write posts about my current job. I made this decision for a few reasons, but mainly because I thought it would be unprofessional to whine about all the little things that bug me in my day-to-day working life. My visitors don't need to know that a particular user got on my nerves today. It's just not that important.

Anyways, I've decided to break this rule just for this series of posts. A week ago I handed in my notice to my employer to take a new job further North. Handing in my notice was a very difficult thing to do. I love my current job and I really enjoy working with all my colleagues.

To be continued...


  1. c'mon, where's part 2?!

  2. After I finish at CTC I will publish the rest, It's over half written. It's kinda embarrassing (in a good way) if everyone reads what I think about them while I still work there :)

  3. Hey Wayne... I'm writing on a blog that must make me nearly a gneration x or Y or Z or something! All the very best for the future for you and Selby,.. and Harry. Keep in touch.. I suppose that means being a blogger... groan. OMG I think I need to open a blogger account... R

  4. aha... no I can be anonymous.... hehe R