Sitting 70-291 on Friday the 13th

The odds were against me from the outset but I had to give it a go. This exam is a tough one, I failed it last time. This is what I had to contend with:
  • Narrowly missing a wallaby early this morning!
  • Getting lost trying to find the testing centre!
  • Arriving late for my exam!
  • An exam simulation failed and I was unable to answer 1 question!
I still managed to pass. I got 88% (889)!

Now back to the topic of the failing simulation. I had a question where I had to complete a task in Windows 2003 Server. I had this question on my first sit for this exam and I knew the answer this time. The simulation wouldn't let me launch the required console. No one at the testing centre could get the console to launch so I had to take an "incorrect" on that question. I would have received a better result had the equipment done it's job.

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