Rant: Big Roo

I had a call today from a "Big Roo" representative. They informed me that the organisation I work for has a free listing with them. I thought that was cool and was glad to hear it. Free = good, no matter what it is.

The rep tried to start selling me a premium listing. I decided to check out their site while I had him on the phone. Now this guy was probably paid a commission, so I feel sorry for him. When I searched for a term that should definitely find my organisation's website, it returned no results... None. It looked like a simple SQL Query, how disappointing. Then I decided to take a look at the website's source code only to find that it was designed using a table-based design (i.e no CSS) and the actual code was built on a CMS, a CMS for a search engine!!! You've got to be joking. I feel sorry for the business owners, the employees, and the businesses that have decided to pay for a premium listing on Big Roo.

Information factual as at 13/02/08.

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