The Mission to LAN over the WAN (Internet)

Time? What is it? There never seems to be enough when you need it and sometimes there is a tonne of time when you wish there was no time left.

LANs used to be awesome, they still are, but I can't find time these days to do anything like that. I have other commitments: Study, my home business and R &D for my job. So I've decided to make it my personal mission to enable LANs over the Internet.

1st Attempt
I started by setting up remote access on my Windows XP Desktop PC, works awesome, it really does and it's very easy to configure. Trouble is, it only supports one concurrent remote access client... How much does that suck? That's not a LAN!

2nd Attempt
I've setup a Windows 2003 Server trial on an old box I have sitting here, port forwarded where appropriate from my router installed routing and remote access. I'll report back after some tests. I couldn't get IPX to work over the VPN after trying several different fixes (IPX is required for the game we want to play). So I've given up on this technique...

3rd Attempt

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