Saturday, 5 January 2008

Good News Week (For Tech)

Blu-ray is competing with HD-DVD in the next-gen format war. While arguably HD-DVD has the better name, Blu-ray has more support, a larger install base and is better technology. Today Warner Bros has decided to go Blu-ray exclusive. Hopefully this move will see HD-DVD dead before the year is out and we can get on with enjoying Full HD movies.

UPDATE: New Line Cinema (Warner's Sister Company) has also decided to go Blu-Ray Exclusive.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is built into music from iTunes and every "Plays for sure" store worldwide. Some companies have started to drop DRM. Warner, EMI and Universal Music have all ditched DRM over the last year. Now Sony has decided to sell DRM free music.

With the death of DRM and HD-DVD imminent, the future looks bright, bright blu!

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