Holiday Road Toll

I could have easily posted about something much less serious, like how much the PlayStation 3 is rocking right now, but I've decided not to, not this time.

I've been driving home a little earlier the past few weeks, especially the week just gone. I've noticed the traffic headed home from Kingaroy to Nanango right after 5 is a little more aggressive than I'm used to.

I'm no angel, I set my cruise control just over 100 km/h. I like to live dangerously... With my cruise set at around 105km/h I get overtaken by car after car all the way home, they all pass me like I'm parked on the side of the road.

I normally couldn't give a crap about how fast someone drives, slower people tend to annoy me much more often, hello Toyota drivers, I'm talking to you nimrods! But, with the Christmas season approaching quickly, now is the best time to slow down. There will be more people on the road, driving further than they normally do and driving with the lovely distraction of their kids. That's the part that scares me the most. How would you like to kill someone else's kids? How would you like to kill your own? What would you do to someone if they harmed you kids by acting like an idiot? Slow down, No, not Toyota driver slow, 100 km/h is fine, even 110 km/h, I don't care, just slow down.

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