My New 40" Full HD LCD TV

I recently purchased a Sumsung LCD TV (LA40M81BD). I've been waiting for the Full HD LCD's to drop in price down to AUD$2000. I ended up paying $2200 for this one, just a little over my limit.

Here are some specs:
  • Panel - Full HD Super Clear Panel
  • Resolution - 1920 x 1080
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio - 15,000:1
  • Response Time - 8ms
  • Built-in HD Tuner
  • Picture in Picture
  • HDMI Inputs - 3
  • PC Input

Here are some photos:

I purchased the TV for a few reasons:
  • Full HD gaming on my PlayStation 3
  • Full HD movies on Blu-ray on my PlayStation 3
  • Digital TV (perfect reception)
  • I love shiny black things
What is Full HD?

1080 lines vertically, most LCD TV's and Plasmas have a maximum of 720 vertical lines.

Why LCD over Plasma?

Full HD Plasma TVs are very rare. Plasma TV's use more energy. Plasma TV's have a high failure rate. Take my advice, buy an LCD.

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