DHCP Backup and the netsh command (MCP Series)

You can perform a backup of your DHCP server database using the following three tools:

  • DHCP MMC Console
  • Ntbackup
  • netsh command
The first two are pretty straightforward so I won't cover them in this post. The netsh command is new to me though.

The netsh Command

netsh is a command line tool that allows an administrator to display or modify the network configuration of a computer either locally or remotely. netsh has commands for RRAS, DHCP, TCP/IP and WINS. I'll discuss the DHCP component in more detail.

netsh dhcp

The netsh dhcp command line utility can perform all the same tasks as the DHCP MMC console.

  • Can be used over a slow WAN link to administer remote servers
  • Can run in batch mode to automate repetitive tasks

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