I've just started 4 weeks off work. I have a few things keeping me busy over the coming 4 weeks. The biggest of those being my wedding on the 15th of September. The Honeymoon will also keep me busy for a good week. Before all that I have a bunch of website work to get done, some studying, as always, and the PS3.

Yesterday I picked up (downloaded) Warhawk for the PS Store and I still haven't played it properly because my broadband is shaped to 64 KB's. I get unshaped on Monday and I'll put some crazy Warhawk hours in.

I'm currently studying for my next MCP Exam 70-291. Some of the content is basic and some is fairly complex. I'm currently studying the DNS section, and god, it can get confusing.

I'm headed to Brisbane tomorrow for some more wedding odds and ends.

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