Adding your Gravatar to Blogger

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I recently learned about Gravatar (globally recognized avatar). It's a pretty neat website that allows you to host an avatar and use it all over the web. Some blogging applications have support for Gravatar but Blogger doesn't (yet). I have found out how to get your Gravatar onto Blogger. Simply go to and sign up, then upload your avatar and assign it to your email address. If you don't know what to use as an avatar you could Simpsonize yourself like I did. Once that is done you will need the link to your gravatar, that isn't easily accessible from the gravatar website, but you can work it out. The URL starts like this:
On the end of the url you need to put a MD5 hash on the end of it. Visit miracle salad to create your MD5 hash. On the miracle salad page simply enter the email you used to sign-up to Gravatar in the "string" text box and click "md5". Copy the string it provides you and paste it onto the end of the url above, it should then look something like this:

You can now use that URL to post your gravatar anywhere.

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