Backup Types (MCP Series)

Full Backup (Normal)

This type of backup makes a complete copy of all the files you wish to backup. It's easy to locate files for restoration in a full backup, but it takes along time to complete a full backup and storage space is wasted on files that aren't modified often. A full backup marks the files as backed up.

Incremental Backup

Backs up all files that have changed since the last backup of any type. This option is the fastest and uses the least amount of space, but restoration can be difficult as all incremental backups and the last full backup are required to complete a restoration. Incremental backups do mark the files as being backed up.

Differential Backup

Differential Backups copy all files modified since the last full backup. Differential Backups are slower than Incremental backups and use more storage space, but restoration is easier as only the latest Differential Backup and Full Back up are required to restore all data. Differential backups do not mark the files as being backed up.

Daily Backup

A daily backup only backs up the files that were changed on the day the backup is performed. daily backups can be time consuming and can be quick, it all depends on how many files are changed on the day. Daily backups do not mark the files as being backed up.

Copy Backup

A Copy backup copies all the files selected but doesn't mark the files as backed up. A copy backup does not effect Differential and Incremental backups.

A Visual Representation of Backup Types

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