RAID Party!

Ok, how nerdy is that title? That's a classic.

Anyways went to Brissy today and bought two new computer desks. The table I have at the moment was a dining room table in a past life. The new tables are much better in so many ways. We scored free delivery with a bit of bargaining, the new desks arrive Tuesday.

While I was in Brisbane I purchased another Hard Drive, 320 GB just like my other. I'm going to set-up the disks in a RAID Array this weekend. My brother has 2 WD Raptors and he'll be setting up a RAID at the same time as me. We'll need all the storage we can get to back-up my existing 300GB of data. The RAID party should be fun.

I've been playing Killzone: Liberation on PSP. Killzone is great! The graphics are impressive and the gameplay is very tactical, running in Serious Sam style just doesn't cut it. The physics in Killzone are just hilarious. When I throw a grenade at an enemy it explodes and sends them soaring into the air, and they sometimes land in the water with a massive splash. I'm waiting on a network key from Sony so I can try it online.

I've also been playing heaps of Company of Heroes (COH). I've just started playing Germany in the skirmish mode and I am throughly enjoying it. COH pushes my computer to the limits, but I can still run it full spec without too much slowdown.

I've got a network install this week, then I have a 5 day weekend to catch up on overtime owing to me.

I'll report back after the LAN.. I mean RAID Party!

PS. I've updated the left sidebar.

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