Monday, 18 June 2007

Add Digg to Blogger

I've sucessfully added Diggs to my Blogger posts. After a bit of help from My Blogger Manual, I found that you could simply add a short peice of code to Justin's method and get perfect results.
The code I used on my template was:

Use Justin's tutorial to fill in the rest of the gaps, happy Blogging!


  1. Wayne - Great work! I've updated based on your findings. Also, I'm putting up a link to your blog and would appreciate it if you would do the same for mine. Happy blogging!

  2. I used your script on my blog,, and it worked great once I changed the background color. I mention your site in today's post (6/28/7)


  3. Glad you found it useful. Thanks for the link. Your blog is an interesting read :)