Sunday, 6 May 2007

Spiderman, StarCraft and Assholes

I went to Brisbane today to see Spiderman 3 and do some shopping, to the expanded Chermside Westfield, it's huge! Spiderman 3 was a great movie, perhaps a little bit on the drawn out side, but still great viewing. The start and end of Spiderman 3 were great but the lovey dovey and emo stuff in the middle was just a little boring.

Shopping and hanging out in malls is not my forte. I hate the way everyone is rushy and rude. The girl that served us lunch was a fine example of this. Another great example was to be seen at McDonalds on the way home. I went in to grab a coffee and the man in front of me was standing in two lines, kinda half in each so he can take the one that gets to the cash register first. Once the man picked the best line the lady behind me pushed into the line next to him, leaving me standing there waiting for this guy to make his massive order. In those sort of situations I wish I had the guts to say: "Hey asshole, which line are you in?" and when the lady pushed in: "Hey bitch, I was here before you and I will be served before you, now fuck off!" Sure I might get punched in the face or arrested , but it'd be worth it.

I played heaps of StarCraft today and over the whole weekend. I love StarCraft, everything about it makes it the best game ever made. I hope the announcement from Blizzard later this month is announcing the sequel.


  1. i witnessed a similar incident at a cafe today where an elderly man jumped ahead of the cue (mind, it wasn't a very orderly cue) and in front of a very large middle-aged man. when the middle-aged man noticed the elderly man had done this, he looked at me (the next person in line) and said "un-f*cking believable" to which i replied with a nervous nod.

    the middle-aged man then approached the elderly man and told him he was the next person in the cue, and that he had been waiting to be served for ten mintues. The elderly man in a rude, unconvinced tone said that he didn't see him, and turned his head away as if he wasn't even there. speechless.

    The middle-aged man then stared right through the elderly man (scary), who continued to pretend as if he did not exist, and finally in an anti-climax (one might say the 'anti-climax of the year') he left the cafe cue swearing and cursing.

    so there you have it, the whole social 'cue' ordeal is simply a lose/lose situation for the customer.

  2. Great story! I've actually been tackling the problem of queues head-on and since then I haven't been stuck in a queue. I walk into a store or a line and the line magically disappears, it's great.