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I recently purchased a Logitech G5 and Logitech G11 for my gaming rig. I had some issues with my wireless Microsoft desktop and those problems warranted an upgrade. The G5 and G11 are amazing, best desktop setup I have ever had. The keyboard lights up and the mouse is super sensitive, just great.

The new version of Trend Micro Internet Security (2007) is the worst version of the product I have ever seen. I had some serious problems with it. It would start scanning right after I started an online game and destroy the frame rate, and generally just annoy me, nearly always while I was running full-screen applications.

I'm currently trying Avast Anti-virus as a free alternative, and I will report back.

I'm going to get a 2nd Hard Drive for my PC, and I'm going to run RAID 0 (Stripe) that should beef up the performance a fair bit.

I've also been playing my fair share of Company of Heroes. COH is amazing, both graphically and tactically. I will enjoy that game for some time (at least til StarCraft 2 is on the scene).

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