Thursday, 20 March 2008

Acer AL1916 Brightness Problem

Short answer for Google Users: Hold "Auto" and "Menu" while turning the LCD on to get additional options in the OSD. These options should allow you to correct the issue.

About 6 months ago my Acer AL1916 LCD monitor started to display all images too brightly. I couldn't work out why the Acer displayed at the correct brightness and when I hit the auto button it would also display at the correct brightness for a second before reverting to an unusable brightness that hurt your eyes. I stashed the monitor away knowing that I had a long 3 year warranty and would get it repaired when I was ready.

This afternoon, for some reason, I decided to try it again. Still dumbfounded as to why it could display images correctly for a second but not permanently I decided to do some research.

I Googled this, Googled that, and finally found a service manual. The manual was mostly full of useless information, but one little piece of information got me thinking. I tried turning the monitor on while holding the auto and menu buttons. The LCD turned on and the on light stayed orange. I knew I was onto something. I opened up the OSD and started fiddling. I noticed that some menus had more options than what was previously listed. I found a couple of factory reset options under "Exit" on the OSD and they fixed the brightness issue.

What a pain in the butt! Anyways I am now using my LCD again and I'm much happier.


  1. Cheers, I had the same problem - managed to solve it a few times but never managed to work out the exact key combination that I used before. It happens to me every time the power cable is removed from the monitor... very annoying

  2. Thank you! I had my color showing up incorrectly, i tried everything, until google showed this up. Works like a charm now. Ily

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  4. Hi Wayne,

    thanks for the solution...

    I picked up a second hand Acer AL1916 and had the exact problem you had... and was able to solve the same using your solution... thanks buddy


  5. Amazing, sir, simply amazing! I've had a color imbalance with my monitor for multiple years, and after having suffered in resignation for so long, I finally found this blogspot. :)

    I, too, had scoured Google to no avail. Countless times I'd thought, "If only that color reset to the correct color for 1 second during the Auto function could be made permanent somehow...". I'd tried holding down the Auto button and the Menu buttons individually, and I'd even held down all 4 OSD control buttons for about 10 seconds, hoping to induce some kind of reset.

    Never had it occurred to me to hold them down WHILE powering up the monitor!

    My, the things that manufacturers do to us. :P

  6. that fixed it as well, the auto color update under exit... what is with these monitors.. thought had to spend money on new one


    Yes, It will mess up your monitor badly.
    Factory reset will wipe your monitor hardware ID from EEPROM

    This is realy bad, your monitor will be detected as GENERIC Monitor next time in the device manager.

    You can no longer install monitor driver, your MAX resolution and MAX refreshrate will be BROKEN.
    Monitor in Windows will be detected unproperly.

    Instead use the AUTO COLOR option.

    You have been warned.