Practice Exams for Windows

Practice Exams for Windows

Monday, 16 March 2009

Windows Powershell Toolkit

When you start using Powershell you'll find there are numerous tools that make using Powershell an easier and more productive experience. I've collected a range of tools, tested them and compiled a list. Download the tools in this list to improve your Windows Powershell experience:

  • WMI Explorer - Essential for exploring WMI Classes
  • Power GUI - A powerful script editor and GUI for Windows Powershell
  • CBT Nuggets - Training with Don Jones. I HIGHLY recommend this training
  • Free eBook - From the Windows Powershell Blog. I didn't use this material, but many people recommend it
  • Another Free eBook - Same author as above, this books concentrates on Server Administration. I'm currently perusing this book

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